about us

METCO has constantly reinvented itself as one of North Africa’s most successful contracting companies operating within the construction sector. Based in Cairo, METCO established several sister companies and formed strategic international partnerships throughout the years, based on changing market demands and the development of new skills.


this is the working process

Design Process

Our approach is a collaborative effort between us and the client, where we research, conceptualize and create detailed plans for the project.

Budget Planning

This step involves setting realistic financial goals, where we determine the cost of materials, labor and all other expenses. This step ensures that the project can be completed within the expected budget


To ensure work flows smoothly, we create a direct line between both design and execution team and all other parties involved to ensure the project is completed according to plans and within the expected time frame

Furniture selection

To create a holistic design, we offer our help in selecting the furniture, fitouts and décor that fits with the overall design aesthetic and meets the needs of the space









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